What is certification?

It is a written assurance of the assessment of conformity of a management system, product, process, service or individual regarding the requirements of a technical standard. It constitutes an effective instrument for consumer defense and fair competition among organizations: contributing towards growth, organizational development and competitiveness through better market positioning.

Why get certified?

Certification constitutes a differentiating element in the market. It not only promotes the image of a product, process or service offered, but it also promotes development and solidifies market position. This improves market share and access to international markets based on the trust generated by clients and consumers.

At the internal management level of the organization, certification serves as a means to maintain and improve efficacy, it exposes opportunities for improvement, increases employee participation and promotes the efficient use of resources.

Benefits of certification with INTECO

  • Avoid multiple evaluations and inspections by customers
  • Satisfaction of contractual and legal requirements
  • It generates a climate of motivation and participation for the improvement of quality and environmental protection
  • It maintains an active management system, based on international criteria.
  • It constitutes an effective demonstration instrument of reliable management
  • It produces a quick response from the markets
  • It considerably reduces production and error repair costs
  • Satisfaction of consumer requirements
  • Increase quality (including services, delivery times, warranty, among others)
  • Improves the level of customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of the company
  • Have a guide to know and attend the customers requirements (customer trust).
  • Market positioning
  • Better supplier control, cost reduction and efforts to accept and maintain classified suppliers based on quality
  • Strengthens operation, increases motivation and participation of staff and improves resource management

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